Home stuff – We live on 12+ acres just minutes from the little town (village) of Angaston in the heart of the magnificent Barossa Valley wine country in South Australia, the ‘mother‘ of all wine country, the ‘dirt mother‘ in fact.

We enjoy views and vistas of rolling hills, valleys and gum studded vineyards while looking down over the Valley floor.  Barossa Valley is Australia’s premium grape growing and wine producing region and a top tourist destination.

USA stuff – I lived abroad (in the USA) for nearly 17 years after marrying my southern American sweetheart in 1984 in Huntsville, Alabama, the heart of Dixie and the Deep South.


I met my husband one night in Adelaide (Sth Australia) when, as a waitress, I took his meal order at the restaurant where I worked. I was a full time law student by day.

My son, born in Huntsville, Alabama, was half Australian and half American – my little ‘Austerican’ I called him.

Heady years back then in the brilliant madness of the 80s, 90s to 2000 in the USA! Ronald Reagan was President and omnipresent in our lives for many years until the ascendancy of Bill Clinton starting with his youthful and invigourating Presidential campaign in 1992 and despite a rather insignificant one term presidency of George Herbert Walker Bush (Dubbya’s father). I lived in the USA before and throughout Bill Clinton’s presidency which saw the USA come out stronger and better than before and during which time the country did not go to war.

Lawyering stuff – I’m a lawyer by education and profession, a barrister and solicitor (attorney in the USA) admitted to practice in the Supreme Court of South Australia and the High Court of Australia. My areas of interest are criminal law, human rights, international comparative law, law and ethics, legal history and social justice.

I enjoy law’s history, legal history, the history of legal processes and the profession. It is in these areas that the interplay of morality, philosophy, liberty and law reveals itself. I see law as an ethical and moral landscape, the history of liberty.

I enjoy how the law is made and how it evolves both in common law systems like Australia, UK and the USA and in inquisitorial or civil law systems as in France and Germany. I have a keen interest in international comparative law.

I enjoy law’s language in its embrace of English, Latin and French tongues. Law gives us forensic linguistics. It inspires law and legal themed art and related creative endeavours. Law has its own literature of true crime, crime fiction and non crime fiction. Law gives us material for film, movies, the stage and theatre.

Barristerial Stuff – Then of course there are the accoutrement’s of the profession all of great interest to me especially antique and vintage items whether law/legal books, art or ephemera including wigs, gowns and costumes, gavels and related collectibles. 

Yes, lawyers do wear the wig, black robe (gown) and white jabot/bands in certain courts in Australia mainly criminal law courts. One wears a ‘powdered’ wig, a jabot and heavily pleated and gathered black gown with flowing, batwinged sleeves.

Non Lawyer Stuff – When not in my lawyer’s body I enjoy home and being homely. Our house is in the Australian farmhouse style with wide wrap around veranda (porch). The inside is evolving as we source salvaged and recycled materials as much as possible for the rustic aesthetic. We live in the house despite it being a work in progress, something I would not recommend. Ugh!

The house has a vintage rustic aesthetic. I am eclectic and live with what I find and collect. Seems silly if I cant be surrounded by what I discover and enjoy. The overall patina of our home is predominantly rustic farmhouse tempered with a sort of flea-market style. Bit country, bit shabby, bit Nordic, bit industrial, bit bohemian, bit French and romantic. I like to juxtapose styles. I like to show the individual patina of pieces. The overall look and feel of the house is ‘warm and lived in’. No prim and proper here thanks. Come in, put your feet up, rest awhile.

I enjoy handmade and homemade, the do-it-yourself. I enjoy repairing and re-incarnating furniture. I am happy with a paint brush and paint. I’m quite comfortable with tools, drills, ladders, scaffolds and so forth and lay bricks. I made the hearth in the living area. Yes,of course,

I visit clearing and garage sales, the antique and secondhand stores, the op shops and flea markets. No, I’m not a minimalist or a ‘less is more‘ type. And, yes, I have my own ute (truck) without which I could not haul stuff could I.

I love to sew and knit. What inner happiness working with my hands and heart brings as it nourishes my soul back to peace and tranquillity in this somewhat chaotic world.55006984abca6c6f9f9040157512717f1  I particularly enjoy the creative arts especially cloth and rag doll making in the naive, primitive and folk art style.

I’m a reader. I’m a book lover always looking for vintage books. I could live in a house with floor to ceiling wall to wall books. I’m misplaced and should be living in a library (please, not a law library) or a second-hand book store!

I like antique/vintage religious and ecclesial works of art and literature, pictures and ephemera including religious artifacts, icons and statues for their history, information, beauty and as works of art.

Can I speak French yet – at my age? Well, let’s just say my French is coming along very slowly. I’ve always been a Francophile type but never learned French. I did Latin at high school and plenty at Mass! I believe if I didn’t end up in the USA in the early 80s, I would have ended up in France or Italy.

More USA stuff – It’s easy to communicate in English-speaking USA. Of course there are accents, brogues and drawls –Southern drawls, Western drawls, Northern drawls, this drawl and that drawl.

There are tongues like cajun tongues. There’s mountain hillbilly and the many Deep South brogues, some known as redneck and arguably languages in their own right. There’s country twang and the mountain hillbilly talk. There’s the language of landowners and farmers.

There’s country music twang. Think George Jones, Randy Travis and Loretta Lyn. There’s Texan drawl.

There’s numerous regional dialects such as in the northeast in New York, eastern New England or Boston.There are Mexican, Cuban and Puerto Rican accents and dialects and derivations therefrom and there are African American accents and brogues.

There’s the west, the mid west and the big sky country, the wide cowboy landscapes from north to south to west and there’s the south west, the northwest, California, Nevada and the list goes on and on and on. Fun stuff! Ultimately, the language in the USA is English.


I’m not too savvy when it comes to setting up a blog or with HTML code and other high tech stuff but I’ve come this far so not too bad me thinks for an oldy. I’ve yet to figure out the fancy stuff like RSS Feed, crawlers and so forth.

I’m not a photographer and this blog is not about photography nor am I advertising my photography skills. My images are to enhance the stories and the sharing. I have a camera but find I use my phone these days.

This is a personal blog for fun, interest and sharing about whatever comes to mind. I’m an eclectician so can’t honestly say posts will be in any particular style or pattern or be made with any pre-determined regularity. They may be short, long or in between. There could be multiple posts in a day, daily posts or no posts at all for a while. No set game plan here. Enjoy! Share!

*Doing my best always to cite sources and give credit where due. Please contact me if I have not or I have made a mistake in using an image or citing a source. Thank you.



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  1. Gday witchy. I have a small collection of metters wood stoves about a thousand now spread over an acre here in the barossa. Most from abandoned paddocks rubbish dumps river beds and wa goldfields. Some date back to the 1890s about 70 years earlier than the 2v royals of the 1960s. Looking for a Metters Barossa No3 so the search goes on. Peter Goers wants me to do a show on the ABC radio but not being much of a people person will see what happens. Bye.


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